The Sustained Speed is Pretty Accurate...They don’t Claim Something You are Not Going to Have

By Matteo Bertoli (Professional Filmmaker)

It’s Excellent... It handles Heat and Cold Very Well.. Using for Several Months,.. No Problem Whatsever

By WILD ALASKA (Professional Photographer)

Ever Heard of Novachips? Blackmagic Recommended Media for Full-Frame 6K

By Threefold Production(Professional Photographer)

Novachips CFexpress & SD Cards: Tested & Reviewed with Nikon Z9, Z8, Zf

By Raymond Parker(Professional Photographer)

Let's insert Novachips EXTREME 330GB into Canon R3 and capture some stunning landscapes

By Arminaro(Professional Photographer)

CFexpress Type B NOW Much Cheaper Than SDXC | Fast, Cool, Huge Media | Meet Novachips | Matt Irwin

By Matt Irwin(Professional Photographer)

Solid state storage for the future

Imagine what you can do