Express Drive

Next generation Flash delivering superior scalability, performance and reliability over Flash storage systems that use conventional NAND Flash devices.

Unique Architecture for High Performance and Extreme Capacity

HLNAND is built upon a unique daisy-ring architecture that outpaces the parallel bus architecture used in industry standard NAND Flash products

  • Point to point ring topology implemented for flash
  • Each device drives a single point load
  • Virtually unlimited number of devices per channel
  • ODT not required

Express Drive
  • Innovative Architecture: Hyper-Scale Memory Architecture
  • High Speed Interface: 533/667/800/1066/1333/1600 MT/s
  • Low Power: Ring Topology without On-die Termination & Intelligent IO Switching Power Truncation
  • Ideal Signal Integrity: Point-to-Point Daisy Chain for High Speed Channel
  • NAND Agnostic: SLC, eMLC, MLC, TLC
  • High Capacity: 1Tb & 2Tb HLNAND, 4Tb 3D HLNAND

Solid state storage for the future

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