Daisy Chain

HLNAND with the HyperLink interface utilizes a serial, point-to-point, daisy-chain topology to connect up to 255 memory devices in a single memory channel, called a ‘Ring’. Because each device is only connected to the next device in the Ring, it is driving just one load. Therefore, maximum operational speed is maintained regardless of the number of devices populated in the Ring.

A Flexible Architecture for Many Use-cases.

  • Capacity: 256GB to 100TB (pSLC, MLC) per drive
  • Host Interface: SATA3, PCIe (NVMe) and SAS
  • Form Factor: M.2, U.2, 1.8”, 2.5”, 3.5” and PCIe cards
  • Product Grade: Commercial, Enterprise, Industrial and Military

PCIe Diagram

Extreme Scalability

What if it was possible to put 10x the storage in the same space and power you already own?

  • 8TB/16TB/32TB HLSSD in 2.5" FF
  • 50TB/100TB in 3.5" FF

Solid state storage for the future

Imagine what you can do